Day: October 15, 2020

Business Technology

Supply Chain: Digitalising Operations To Promote Efficiency

“The world is moving too fast towards digitalisation. Efficiency is increased significantly by developing a system on par with the latest digital tools. Adapting to digital technologies to accelerate productivity helped many businesses enhance their operations.“ The lockdown substantially disrupted supply chain logistics. The increasing labour shortages, alteration of delivery routes, evolving consumer behaviours and […]

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Home And Garden

Flower Garden: 11 Flowering Plants to Begin With

If you are a new plant parent or want to be one, the first thing to consider is to choose the plant that comes with easy maintenance. There are various flowering plants that will require experienced hands to grow.  If you want to start your own flower garden the first time, here are a few […]

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Digital Revolution: How Customer-Impacting Challenges Limit Innovations

Digital transformation has been running in a fast-paced course that significantly altered the face of digital marketing. It has been strategically developed and optimised to promote a resilient digital service. Developing a resilient digital service is important in helping businesses learn, adapt, and recover quickly in cases of unpredicted issues that impact customer-focused strategies.  There […]

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