What Is Exercise Addiction?

Exercise is good, right? It helps you improve physically, emotionally, and mentally. But, overdoing it can be fatal. Exercise addiction is real and it can cause real problems. You may not see the signs that you’re leading the road towards exercise addiction and it is important to address it before it becomes self-damaging instead of improving your well-being. 

What Are The Signs of Exercise Addicition?

Exercise addiction is maladaptive. Meaning, a certain action is supposed to bring positive results to a failure to adapt to the given environment, situation or condition. The same goes for exercise. If you are able to balance how much you exercise will lead to other physical problems. 

  • Exercising too much.
  • Not giving time for your body to recover.
  • Overdoing poses and routines.
  • Inadequate food intake. 

What is Exercise Addiction?

This contradictory concept is confusing. While some addictions such as drugs and alcohol are being resolved with a complete exercise recovery program, exercise addiction contradicts it in so many ways. 

As the famous quote goes, “Too much of anything is bad” perfectly describes what exercise addiction is all about. Given the fact that exercise is solely good in the eyes of everyone, too much of it can eventually lead to several physical damages. 

Imagine you’re weightlifting for hours without rest or food because you are in a hurry to boost those muscles or arm strength. It can damage your ligament, muscles, and other parts due to excessive lifting. Hence, instead of keeping you well and strong, you may end up in a hospital room for weeks. 

The issue of whether or not exercise addiction constitutes other kinds of addiction is controversial. It was classified as a behavioural addiction. While it is true that when you exercise you produce happy hormones/ endorphins, too much of it will build tolerance in the body and produce other substance instead of happy ones.

How Is Exercise Addiction Like Other Addictions?

Just like other addictions, exercise addiction can cause withdrawal when deprived. Sudden changes in your moods, tolerance, and withdrawal are what binds exercise addiction to other addictions. 

Additionally, just like substance or alcohol abuse, exercise is associated with social and cultural desires and pleasure. When you drink or get high, you feel that sudden rush of pleasure in your bones, the same goes for when you’re exercising. It significantly boosts your mood while giving you that feeling of satisfaction. 

Balanced Fitness vs. Exercise Addiction

Exercise addicts typically double the amount of what they are supposed to allot to repeat or re-experience that feeling of escapism. That feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. A natural high that keeps gym users glued to their workouts. Hence, they can no longer function in doing other things because their mind is at the gym. 

Balanced fitness, on the other hand, is healthy. You only do what your body needs. You eat healthily and you give time for your body to recover after a strenuous workout. It releases or stress and you feel good inside and out. 

Dig deeper and learn about how exercise addiction can be fatal:

The key is control. It is crucial to control to gain a balanced physical being. Additionally, exercise must go hand in hand with good food and enough rest. Straining your body is obviously a negative practice. Regardless of how wonderful the feeling you get after a workout, but, when it is time to stop, stop. Never let yourself engage or be near exercise addiction. Because, if you do, your goal of achieving a healthy and fit body will go otherwise. 

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