Yoga Cheat Sheet for Dummies

Yoga is an ancient practice: until it was Westernised. Poses terms and some other practices were altered to cater to the modern market. However, the root benefit of it is slowly diminishing. The goal of an ““innercise” and meditation becomes obsolete to some practices. 

Yoga is not about getting the difficult poses right or getting a striking geometrical form of the body while doing some extreme balances. Yoga is about the mind and body. It is an “innercise” that target organs and is a form of meditation. Yoga uses both the mind and the body to successfully achieve. 

Debunking Yoga Myths

Yoga is only for flexible people. No. Yoga is for everyone and there’s no standard practice. You can tailor your daily yoga routine according to your needs. If your back hurts, you can choose poses that help ease it. If your shoulders need stretching, there are also poses that cater to it. You need not become a pretzel to become a yoga enthusiast. 

Yoga is a form of religion. Philosophy is different from religion. Doing yoga clams the mind while keeping the body in good shape and quality. Although yoga came from Hinduism, which is a religion. Yoga, on the other hand, is a practice that various religions also practice. 

Yoga is only for South Asians. Yes, yoga did came from south Asia but that doesn’t mean it is not a universal practice that other continents can reap its benefits. Thus, as was mentioned, yoga was Westernised to meet the needs of people from a different culture. 

Yoga is for weaklings. Yoga does favour a smoother, flowers, and gentler approach but it targets the powerhouse of the body which can be challenging even for gym-goers. Yoga also increases stamina, strength, and flexibility. Imagine carrying your whole body weight with only the palms of your hands? 

Yoga is short on developing muscle strength. As was mentioned, there are yoga poses that ask you to carry your whole body and the prolonged and slow-paced motions need muscle strength to execute successfully. 

A yoga teacher is necessary. There are many people who practice yoga with only YouTube videos that accompany them. Just do your research and learn how to balance and be mindful of your yoga routine and you’re good to go. A guru is only essential if you’re aiming for more complicated and difficult advanced poses. 

You can’t learn yoga when you reach the age of 50. Yoga is for everybody regardless of their size, age or religion. As was mentioned, yoga can be tailored according to your needs and body condition. 

Yoga exercise is limited. It is a common view on yoga that it only has limited poses. There are various kinds of yoga; vinyasa, ashtanga, Hatha and others. Each of these variations has its own poses and practices. Hatha by far offers the most diverse yoga practice in terms of range of poses. 

Keys to a Successful Yoga Practice

Set your goals clear. Knowing what you want to achieve and why will help you overcome challenges along the way. Also, it will be a good motivation for you to practice it daily. 

Commitment is the key. Commitment is essential in every step you make in life. The same goes for doing yoga. You need to fully commit to it for your body and mind to accept it. In the long run, you will find yourself naturally doing it. 

Enjoy its gentleness. Doing yoga will bring peace of mind and a healthy physical body. Allow yoga to unfold your body and discover new potentials. Make sure you move according to your abilities and strength and avoid overdoing it. 

Reward yourself. One of the ways to keep you motivated is rewarding yourself after achieving something. You can give yourself a tap on the back after a three-week daily yoga practice. It means it just became a part of your routine. 

Variations. If you started as a beginner and gradually became easier and easier as you do it, you will need to vary your practice and bring it to the next level. So don’t hesitate to try new poses. 

Have a role model for inspiration. Inspiration is another effective motivation. Allow yourself to be inspired by other yoga practitioners. 

Let your yoga glow speak for itself. If you have been doing yoga for a while, you will know and feel changes in your body internally and physically. Don’t bore others who can relate to it, let your good mood and fit body prove the worth of your yoga practice. 

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