How to Choose the Right Custom Seat Cover Fabric

Seat cover fabric will bring either comfort or discomfort when driving. Choosing the one that best fits your lifestyle, your area’s weather condition, and driving habit will enhance your everyday driving experience and even for your pets If you don’t know what to look for in a fabric, here are the essential aspects of car seat fabrics:

Three Essential Aspects of Car Seat Fabric

Versatility (Neoprene-Supreme VS Neoprene)

Neoprene is one of the car seat fabrics that exudes a versatile quality. It gives off a great balance of comfort, protection, and functionality. It is flexible, hence, it can follow the exact shape of your car making it more robust and long-lasting. Also, Neoprene can resist fading and will protect your car seat against UV rays. 

Neoprene-Supreme, on the other hand, is an excellent quality fabric designed for automotive use. It has almost the same quality as neoprene but it is specifically made for vehicles. Neoprene-Supreme can protect your car seat against any liquid spills without leaving any trace. It is highly water-resistant and heavy-duty. 

Another advantage of Neoprene-Supreme fabric apart from its versatility is the cost. It is fairly cheaper than the regular neoprene fabric yet delivers pristine versatility and protection. It also comes in various colours which customers can choose according to their personal taste and car exterior colour. It has grayscale palettes to choose from and two-toned options that will compliment any car interiors. 

Neoprene-Supreme is perfect for daily drivers and family cars. Given that kids spill liquid inside the car all the time, Neoprene-Supreme will solve all hassle of having to pull out car seats to dry them off. 

Protection (Material Vs Ballistic Canvas)

If you want your car seat to last long, car seat covers that will protect it is the way to go. Canvas material is one of the best options if you want longevity. Ballistic Canvas is a good choice in terms of fitting, quality, and installation. It is also highly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Although comfort is also essential when driving, protection is more essential if you are to keep your car seat in excellent condition after years of driving. If your car seat is very well protected against abrasion and tears, you need not have to change it all the time. 

Comfort – (Sheepskin Fabric or Leatherette Material)

If you drive a lot or go out of town all the time, the most ideal choice would be either sheepskin or leatherette. Sheepskin is a luxurious fabric that can easily adapt to climate and withstand strenuous driving habits. Although sheepskin can be very expensive, on a brighter note, it is one of the best investments in terms of its versatility, function, comfort, and protection. 

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