Link Building Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Link building is a strategy that helps your website earn more traffic. Although it is typically an unconventional way of ranking up, link building is a back-end strategy that is effective but highly technical and must be executed accordingly. 

There are a few mistakes some digital marketers make when building links all throughout their websites. Some mistakes are so common that you might overlook them. Here are a few that will help you avoid them: 

Too Many Specific Anchor Text

Having exact matching keywords in choosing your text anchor can possibly have your website penalised and lose its current standing. It violates Google’s Webmaster guidelines that keep order in content ranking and for the whole landscape of digital marketing. 

The Lack of Semantic Keyword Anchor Text Links

It is important for content writers and creators to know how to create their own flow of semantic keywords catered to their specific brand or product. Semantics are in other words synonyms. The liberal use of semantics as your keywords will reflect on Google’s algorithm and will either rank you up or not. 

The Lack of Junk Anchors

Apart from having optimised keywords, it is also ideal to have enough junk anchors. Junk links are text links placed around the website. Typically, junk anchors are embodied by the words “Buy Now”, “Read Here” etc. 

Junk anchors may seem like an element in your website that you might want to take easy with, however, they look natural especially when you want to embed “Calls to Action” buttons in your website. Placing junk anchors in your copy can also help you rank your page and increase your conversion rates. 

The Lack of Brand Mention Within Your Text Links

The best way to get brand mentions is by incorporating your homepage link in your internal links. One example, when you post a marketing copy on your blog page, every time you mention your brand name, you can embed your homepage link with it. 

The Lack of Social Signals

Social signals are harder for digital marketers or back-end strategists to manipulate than inbound links. Google is now leaning more on the social signal of the website to assess their website’s value and ranking position. Another advantage of working on your social signal is that you gain more audience on different social platforms. Thus, nowadays, most websites incorporate their social profile links in their websites. 

For every online business or even physical store, creating social profiles on the social platform and promoting it is an integral part of making it in the cutthroat competition of digital marketing. The more followers and active you are on social media, the more reliable and valuable your brand and website will look like to Google. 

Tips on Increasing Your Social Strength

  • Make all social buttons from your social media profiles visible on all pages of your website. You can incorporate them on your website’s header or footer. 
  • Ask your audience to share your articles on their social media profile. 
  • Tap with social media influencers to promote your website or brand. Make sure the influencer you choose aligns with your brand image. 
  • Use Tribber, a social media site that helps websites or brands increase their social shares. It is a community of small or even big business owners that help each other gain a better position on search engines and social media. 

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