Vegetarian Living for Dummies

Being a vegetarian is not just a lifestyle fad. It’s not about because it’s trending. Being a vegetarian brings benefits to your holistic health, animals, and the environment. A simple action of switching to a vegetarian lifestyle will create a positive ripple to your body, animals, and the environment. 

To make sure you are doing it right, it is essential to start by easing your way into it. Plan a diet that will, in the long run, turn you into a meat-free way of living. One skill you need to develop though is cooking. You will need to know how to make tasty meatless dishesin your home. 

Tips for Planning Vegetarian Diets

It is of course advisable to acquire an individualised diet plan from a dietician. However, if you are just starting out, it is important to do your research first before delving into it. Being a vegetarian can be technical in terms of sufficing your daily needed energy and nutrition. If you’re short on providing the right amount of nutrients needed in your body, it can cause weakness. 

  • For you to get enough calories all throughout the day, it is important to consume fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts to meet your daily energy needs. 
  • For your calcium needs, broccoli, collards, kale, soy or rice milk, almond milk, and other calcium-rich food to feed your bones. 
  • For an extra boost, flaxseeds, soybeans, canola oils, walnuts, and n-3 fats must also be a part of your daily meal plan.
  • For your vitamin D requirements, the early morning sun will be sufficient along with fortified foods or vitamin D supplements.  
  • Breakfast cereals, yogurt, and rice milk, on the other hand, will suffice your vitamin B12 needs. 
  • Gradually limit your sweet consumption so you have enough room in your body to intake essential nutrients. 

Quick and Simple Meatless Meals

Most people think vegetarian meals are bland and boring. But, that’s not really the case because there are actually great tasting vegetarian meals that will indulge your palate. Here are some of the examples:

  • Bean burrito paired with steamed broccoli and a fresh fruit mix for dessert. 
  • A black bean soup paired with bread rounds drizzled with pesto is another option. Throw in some chopped green salad and a part of cantaloupe will make your mouth water. 
  • A cheese quesadilla with freshly picked veggies paired with brown rice and some apples and oranges will be satisfying lunch. 
  • For a breakfast combo, cooked oatmeal topped with crushed almonds and dazzled with cinnamon will suffice your energy needs. Have black freshly brewed coffee with it for an extra kick. 
  • Some tomato salad with basil salad along with rice pudding with hummus and toasted pita points is another option for a delicious lunch. 
  • For a little bit of snack between your lunch and dinner, lentil soup and some carrot sticks and green salad. 
  • For a unique option, roasted vegetable pizza, some freshly cut potato fries, and vinaigrette slaw are mouthwatering. 

Easing the Transition to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

As you thrive to switch to a more planet-friendly, animal-loving, and vegetarian ideal lifestyle, there will be many mental challenges ahead. It is important to ease your way into it for more robust and long-term results. Here are some tips: 

Get yourself educated: The best way to become a vegetarian is to know a lot about it if not everything. You can opt for reading books, attending some lectures, learning how to cook and ask for some tips from experts. 

Set feasible goals: Before you master the skill of being a vegetarian, you will need to execute it slowly but surely. Old habit dies hard and being a vegetarian doesn’t just happen overnight. Thus, be patient and don’t push yourself too much. 

Start with simple meals: At first, opt for familiar and easy to cook and find ingredients. 

If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, being a vegetarian is one option that will help you achieve the body your desire physically and internally. Pair it with daily exercises such as yoga and some meditation and tons and tons of water and you will feel the difference in a matter of a month. 

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