How To Decorate With Plants

Plants can easily change your space’s look in a snap. Plants are perfect and cheap design solutions you can opt for when adding some spice and nice in your space. Choosing the right plant is crucial. There are many design considerations you need to look at before deciding on purchases a towering travellers palm to put inside your low-ceiling space. 

When choosing a plant, consider its size, height, and colour. Avoid choosing a plant that will not fit in your room size. It is also crucial to choose plants that have colours that will compliment your whole space. 

While plants can be a great addition to your overall room aesthetic, there are also plants that can help repel bugs or purify the air. Hence, if you have a small space, try adding plants with air-purifying qualities to keep your room smelling fresh and clean. 

Floor Plants

Typically, floor plants need to be in a huge pot to serve their purpose, not unless you have multiple plants all over the place. Then, combing huge and tiny pots also works. On a different note, floor plants are ideal in big pots. They will look bold and significantly contribute to your overall design. However, when choosing the plant and the pot, you need to consider the size of the plant when it grows bigger and the size of the pot if it does not deliver hassle to your flow around the house. For spaces with a high ceiling, a 6 to 7 feet plant would be ideal, as for spaces with a low ceiling, 2 to 3 feet plants in height will be ideal. 

Flowering Plants

If your house’s aesthetic is feminine, rustic, and colourful, adding flowering plants will make it look more alive. Adding plants into space does not necessarily mean it has to green. There are flowering plants that thrive better indoors. Also, you can look for flowering plants with small flowers just to keep them subtle and blending. 

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are another option to add to your home. Apart from not taking space on your floor, it will also elevate the facade of your windows or walls. So, when choosing hanging plants, look for the ones that are less bushy. You can also opt for air plants. Air plants need no water to thrive. Hence, less maintenance and mess since you need not water them. Also, orchids can also be a great choice to hang. Its flowers will attract eyes and bring a sense of satisfaction to the eyes. Also, since orchids do not need that much water, you can just easily spray them without having to take them out or clean a wet floor after. 

Table Top Plants

Succulents and cacti are the most ideal choice for tabletops. They are small, less maintenance needed, and they exude beautiful natural patterns. So, if you have a plain tabletop that needs a little bit of boost, try adding various kinds of succulents and cacti in different sizes, shapes and forms. It may look abstract, but it will surely entertain your sight on boring days. 

Plants bring spaces into life. Having a living element in your room will give you more energy all throughout the day. Plants are therapeutic, hence, it is only ideal to add a few living colours in your space to promote better living conditions. 

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