What To Do When In Perth?

There are a million things to do when in Perth. You can go shopping at one of their local markets, walk around their rivers, explore their outbacks or meet some of the local kangaroos. There are many places to wander in Perth and there are few that you shouldn’t miss. 

Things To Do in Perth 

Take A Walk by the Swan River

The Swan River is Perth’s first heritage icon. It links suburbs, hills, and the ocean. The Swan Rivers has cultural, recreational, environmental, and historical significance. The Swan River is the go-to place of Aussie’s whenever they feel like taking long walks, slow-pacing biking, or when going for a run. It is peaceful and one of the best places to visit if you want to know the lifestyle of the city a little bit better. 

Meet Some Kangaroos at the Heirisson Island

Heirison Island is situated right at the heart of the city where the Swan River flows. It is floating in the middle of the river and it is a convenient spot for Aussies when they feel like escaping the big city scene. An array of colourful birds and kangaroos are the local dwellers of the island. The best time to spot a kangaroo at Heirisson Island is during the afternoon when the sun is not too harsh. 

Experience Northbridge’s Night Life

Northbridge is a commercial strip in Perth rendered in vibrant colours and eclectic variations of shops, restaurants, and bars. Northbridge is the go-to spot where everything you want for a great night hangout is available. The wide range of cuisines, bars, and shops have something for every unique taste of their visitors. From mouthwatering seafood dishes to some fresh organic and light options, everyone will have their slice of indulgence and fun all in one place. 

Go Shopping Downtown

Perth is one of the cities that has the best spaces for shopping sprees. There are two main malls around Perth’s downtown. Murray and Hay are pedestrian malls in the midst of downtown that offers shops of all sorts. Specialty stores sell the most unexpected finds and specific items that you can’t find anywhere. 

Take a Glimpse at the Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is overlooking the Swan River and is one of the go-to tourist attractions of the city. The Bell Tower is open for hosting events, tours, and other recreational activities. The bells are not rung by an operated machine but rather rung by members of St. martin’s Society of Change Ringers Inc. The Bell Tower is a representation of Perth’s fascinating history. 

Perth is one of the cities in the world that lives a quality life. The locals are laid back and enjoy the city’s best features while having several places to unwind and refresh. There are other notable places sound Perth to go visit. The city is also one of the excellent places to experience outdoor dinings and wine tasting with local musicians entertaining the guests while they enjoy a slice of cheese along with their pure red wine variety.


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